Friday, 15 January 2010

Vauxhall Fashion Scout - The one that got away

Reinforcements take my place at salon number 3 as I remain stranded on the island in a fortress of snow

Down to no lack of effort Wednesday morning resulted in a very frustrated Charlotte being stuck on a very cold Island when she should have been in London at Vauxhall Fashion Scouts' Pr Salon.

This resulted in an SOS to my brother and my best mate who dropped their plans and headed straight to the venue. Little legends. I am assured that they were suitably inappropriately dressed (brother in a full city boy suit and mate in a bright red and seriously shabby fleece that she sometimes sleeps in...smooth) to the extent that the place was completely packed apart from the seat situated next to my brother....

The speakers were:

Jessica is the Fashion Features Editor for and is responsible for the writing and breaking daily news stories, designer interviews and Vogue Loves pages. She covers and features the shows during Fashion Week and is always on the look out for new designers.

Nell is an Account Manger for creative Public Relations agency, Blow PR. Blow represents emerging talents Aminaka Wilmont, Bora Aksu, Spikjers en Spijkers, Gemma Slack, Komakino, Manjit Deu and many more. Blow PR is also publishes the Off-Schedule Guide during London Fashion Week.

The main topics covered were:

- How to write a press release
- How to target journalists and publications relevant to your target customer
- Hints and tips for grabbing attention
- How to sell your brand image
- Generating the right PR for your brand
- Appointing PR agencies
- Celebrity endorsement
- Advice on sample send-outs
- Publication lead-times

I will elaborate tomorrow on each topic. Too much info to absorb in one sitting!


  1. Oh Wow - fashion features editor. That must of been some talk, lucky lucky you got it all recorded. What a nice brother...! :)

    & I love Blow PR too.

    That sounds like such a useful salon - what amazing opportunities you've been getting!

    M x

  2. Nice Brother??? What about nice best mate!?!? I donned that shabby red fleace for love and ONLY for love!!! heehee!!