Friday, 18 June 2010

Column inches

Time to look seriously into PR representation

So as the work load increases I have decided that I need to get in some outside, professional help with getting the label into magazines and publications. It is also a necessity due to my studio being on the Island, which in turn adds time to any samples being sent out/ returned.

Over the past few months I have been approached by a few PR agencies offering their services. Sometimes for free, sometimes not. I have asked people to come up with proposed ideas of how they would push the brand and sell it to magazines but so far I have not found my lobster. I figure why would I pay someone who is not passionate about the brand, someone who does not get what it is about to sell it when I can probably do a better job with 1/10 the amount of time. Hence I wait and the search continues.

My research so far has been through looking at who other young designers' use, looking at Mission Statements (although these are often wooly), client lists and trying to get a general feel of the company through its website. This all sounds a bit vague, but you have to start somewhere.

Felicities PR

This came to my attention as many of the Vauxhall Fashion Scout designers are here. Their website is under construction / revamp but their blog is going so take a look.
Some of their designers include:
Ada Zanditon, Alice Palmer and Viking Wong.

Goodley PR

They represent William Tempest, Louis Gray, Antipodium and Holly Fulton amongst others.
Website is nice and you can get hold of them via email: or phone: +44 (0)20 7493 9600

Blow PR

They have previously spoken at a Vauxhall Fashion Scout before.
+44 (0)20 7436 9449
Belle Sauvage, Georgia Hardage, Craig Lawrence, Gemma Slack

Luchford APM

+44 (0)207 631 1000
Clients: Pringle, Graeme Black

I Public Relations

+44 (0)207 390 272
Clients: Julien J Smith, Eudon Choi

So now to make appointments to see them and see if we are MFEO (made for each other FYI (for you information)). Also many of these agencies will not take youngsters like me on so the courting works both ways...


  1. I've worked with Blow before and the people there are really +ve and lovely. So so helpful too with press.

    Goodley PR offered me an interview for an internship but unfortunately already interning at Company! Well I can't do both lol.

    Felicities is meant to be a really nice one - more personal and small.

    Good luck in your search!! Not interested in a PR intern?

    You could try...
    Snow PR
    Pressroom PR
    Iroquis PR
    Relative Mo PR - contacted for LFW, pretty nice!


  2. I would defenitely suggest Relative Mo (as Milly said) and Yellow Door.

  3. I like your blog Charl... looking forward to finding out who you decide to choose... you know my thoughts on the best PR for newbies. How about chatting to the designers who are with the agencies above to find out if they're happy with the level of service they get. Very soon, they will all be chasing you ;)