Monday, 9 August 2010 there any one out there?!?!?

Show time

Ok so now I can actually talk about the show and what is going on I am having to try and control myself form having verbal diarrhea and inundating you with posts. So hear goes with numero uno:
I am looking for people to collaborate with for the up and coming show.

We are looking for a shoe designer. We already have someone on board providing flats but are looking for some killer heels. Obviously I will promote the life out of your brand throughout the week etc...


We're looking for the next Sir Mix Alot (a DJ) to mix a cool tune for the show.

Anyway get in touch if you are interested. Would Loooooovvvvvvveeeeeeee to hear from you.



  1. HI Charlotte, I have learned alot from keeping up with your blog.
    I have a question, does the DJ nominations include 3rd person nominees(aka recommending a friend)...?

  2. need anyone who could just be on hand for the show? like a runner or someone whos interested in doing a mini apprenticeship for you?

  3. Look up DJ killer Cam... amazing!

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