Wednesday, 8 September 2010

French Grazia believe.....

My D in AS French has not done me wonders on this one - any accurate translations would be much appreciated!

Thank-you French Grazia!


  1. In my best possible French, it says:

    Penguins, television series and grandmas, the inspirations of this young lady, former assistant to Luella Bartley, spotted by the jury of Vauxhall Fashion Scout, a competition dedicated to young English design, are also eclectic, unexpected and mix to reveal an eccentric fashion, joyful and colourful, all in all very British.

    It's not exact but it gives the general idea! (I only got a D in A level French!)

  2. Yup, that's an approximate translation,, except it makes more sense to say "the inspirations... are as eclectic as unexpected, and mix to reveal a style that is eccentric, joyful and colourful, i.e. very British."

    aussi... que = as .... as. random french lesson!