Sunday, 10 July 2011

CHARLOTTE TAYLOR - The Anthropologist....

So, its been a bit hush hush our end as all the bits and bobs are confirmed etc, you may have heard, but you probably won't have.....CHARLOTTE TAYLOR is launching a new diffusion line with ANTHROPOLOGIE set to hit stores in October 2011!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The collection, originally named CHARLOTTE by CHARLOTTE TAYLOR, will have the delectable prints you’ve come to love - some are new, never been seen before and some are adaptations of the originals.

If you are a Londoner you will be aware of Anthropologie as they have two stores in our Capital, otherwise they are primarily known for their Stateside presence - We will be exclusively stocked on their website and in their American stores, not in the UK ones, for Autumn / Winter 2011 otherwise known as Fall 2011 (I think).

This has been a huge part of the label for the past few months and it has been something I have been desperate to share. We have been developing the line, visiting Philadelphia, where their extremely cool offices are.....

(Our nervously anticipated meeting in the States began with a double kiss standard welcome, for which I forgot to shut my mouth and plonked a sloppy number on a poor buyers cheek - good start. I am also told that as our discussions progressed i slowly began to resemble a sweaty lobster, cheeks deepening in shade as exciting possibilities were laid out in front of us - nice. )

.....continual trans-Atlantic discussion, design development and oh so much more.

You may have seen that our large scarves (part of the mainline) are already on the website. This will be followed by a couple of new additions, developed especially for the stores. So lots going on...

More updates to follow with images of the line!!!!