Thursday, 26 April 2012

A taste of India

So last month i took the long awaiting trip to Rajasthan in India with my mama. Here are a few highlights of our trip which will be inspiring SS13 in due course!

Delhi Market

Ma's attempt at Indian dancing

The INCREDIBLE Fatehpur Sikri 

Dinner at our drivers house - the legendary Kan Singh. I was whisked off first and dressed up in full sari gear. Mum pretty much spat her vegetable curry on me with uncontrolled laughter. Little did she know her pink number was awaiting her in the other room :-)

A block printing factory

Bargaining for printing blocks in Jaipur

Rural Rajasthan - check out the little goats in the sack on the donkeys. ahhhhh.

Smoking in literally the middle of no-where. Afternoon gossip and a pipe. Tick.

Rajasthan palaces are so ornate, its breathtaking.

Meeting the entrepreneurial family who run 80 looms in a tiny village in south Rajasthan weaving fabric with gold in it!

Weavers at work

Gorgeous girlies

The dinner table at a palace we stayed at and NO you are NOT allowed to swim down the middle after your meal. Damn it.

In the Mahajaras Car museum. A converted Elephant stable that hosts 40 cars, planes and a state of the art bar with a centre stage that raises up 15ft at your request. Slightly random and also unexpected on our part mid cocktail.

India you have stolen my heart. I will be return at my earliest opportunity x