Friday, 18 February 2011


Presenting you with the new season collection

Completely print focused. Inspired by colonial Africa. I hope you like it (honest comments and opinions always welcome)
An introduction through the official press release. I know that it was posted a couple of weeks ago, but to refresh your memory -

Autumn / Winter 2011 sees CHARLOTTE TAYLOR traverse down a silky wormhole of exquisite, clashing and mood-altering colours, bold contrasts and snippets of African, English Heritage and Hungarian Gypsy inspiration.
For its third season, the label has been stripped bare – focusing on the essence behind the CHARLOTTE TAYLOR charm – the weird and wonderful, the deliciously tactile, the beautifully brave – the prints.
Past prints will carry over, with new colour-ways and designs holding hands to showcase a deluxe, delectable feast for the eye.
The prints envelop duvet-sized scarves, classic silk blouses and shirts and of course the celebrated CT head scarf.
Limited edition Wallpaper prints are also a new introduction – An army of Penguins to share your bathroom with should be an addition to any self-respecting individuals’ bucket list in the 21st Century!

Photographer: Claire Pepper
Stylist: Holly Chaves
Hair and Make-up: Camilla Hewitt
Model: Jodie @ Models 1

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  1. I love it. I think you've hit the nail on the head. The colour, the styling, everything is perfect. I'd wear everything here.

  2. Such a beautiful and elegant collection. The dress with the ant print keeps drawing me back. Wonderful, congratulations.

  3. Colourful, charismatic and brilliant. Your eye for style richly brings fashion to life with all the wonder, style and grace of a Wes Anderson film. Such passion for the medium is displayed with amazing detail, all patterns and colors carefully composed and brought to life. Love it.

  4. STUNNING; I want to buy a GIANT scarf in EVERY print! xxx

  5. Love the idea of the wallpaper. Good to see a fellow Lancashire lass doing so well. Not sure where your from in Lancs but you should pop into Rossendale Museum when your back there, they have a massive collection of taxidermy animals - I reckon your prints would fit in very well!

  6. I'd love to see more of the ant print dress... it looks like it drapes beautifully. I also like that the lobster's claws almost make a heart shape. :)

    Well done! I miss your clothing design a little bit in this collection, though do love your eclectic prints, and they combine well with the classic shapes. Hoping (and expecting) these will sell like mad!

  7. Beautiful prints! And great use of color. Everything is super fun and dreamy. And the images were beautifully shot.

    I blogged about the collection today.

  8. i enjoy your animal prints, but am loving your spring collection with its choice of colour very much. I realise i am very late in terms of the fashion year, but hey, can't wait to dress for some warmer weather again.
    all the best!

  9. Fabulous,
    do let us know as soon as it hits the shops (online and brick & mortar).
    Hope prices are a little less steep this time around so that us mere mortals can get to wear them too!

  10. Charlotte this collection is exquisite! the colours and quirky prints are beautiful
    Well done :-)

  11. I want the scarves.
    The colours and the print is amazing

  12. Could you please tell me who makes those stacked flats in the 4th image? Are those from your collection??? I love them!!!

  13. WOW! and I absolutely LOVE the maxi dress.

  14. I love every piece - the prints are amazing !!


  15. Some of the prints work- the crows work and the ants, but um, and you did ask for honest feedback, too many designs got predictable. elephants for example... i like the surprise element of your work, and three or so variations builds a picture and a theme and beyond that, the effect of surprise gets diluted..?

  16. oops, penguins. how insulting, i do apologize.