Friday, 4 February 2011

An Englishwoman in Africa

AW11 photoshoot and the prep

So its that time of year again when we shoot the lookbook for the collection. This season though it is different. Exciting different and also scary different....
As the collection is much smaller and print focused I decided that the most effective way to show them would be in a more creative photoshoot than seen in previous seasons. Hence, the new lookbook is a bit nutty/ bonkers/ amazingly wonderful and weird!
Here are the mood boards I put togeter for the team before the shoot so we were all on the same page:

For the shoot we had a very similar team to normal:
The infamous and wonderfully awesome Claire Pepper - photographer to the stars (and me)
The extraordinarily talented Camilla Hewitt - hair and make-up genius
Holly Chaves - scrumptious superstar stylist
and the lovely Jodie from Models1 who on one of her first shoots absolutely NAILED it. Watch this space my friends, this girl is going to go far!

Pictures should be up the beginning of London Fashion week, although I am so excited you might get a preview before!


  1. Preview! Preview! *cheers from the crowd* :)

  2. Love the preview and the mood boards - I can't wait to see the pictures when they're ready! Melissa

  3. You've whetted my appetite.
    Dying to see more now.
    Looks good.