Thursday, 16 February 2012

The adventure begins

NYC followed by Paris Fashion Week - not too shabby at all!

So the last bit of our lives has been spent designing and sampling the new AW12 collection to the delightful sound of Ray La Montagne.
Well they're done - they are finished - and....I think they are pretty cool. Lush even.

We shot the lookbook a couple of weeks ago with a mega team.

Harriman Steel were Art Directing
Claire Pepper took the snaps (she can't get rid of me)
Camilla Hewitt on the make-up
David Wadlow magnificently puffing and curling hair
Hayley Simmons styled it up

and the divine Roz Jana was breathtaking, graceful and divine as our model / intellectual literary expert.

Ben did the tea and I flapped around like a chicken. The pressure is getting to me in my old age!

So that all went swimmingly - you'll see the pics and short movies from this in a couple of days.

Ill tell you one secret..... We used a REAL owl - Alfie in fact. Handsome young man he was and so well behaved.
Oh ok here's a sneak preview of the set and young Alfie...

So I'm off to NYC tomorrow for market week. We are exhibiting at the D and A which is a very exciting first for us. Fingers crossed everyone that it goes well. We are very lucky that the American public has taken well to these odd prints I design so we are hoping for a good reaction.
Ill keep you posted on twitter once I manage how to figure it out on my phone grrr

Then off to Paris for fashion week. We are showing at Atmosphere so pop by if you're about. We will have tea to offer that is for sure.

Anyway I hope you all like the collection. Im not going to say its my favourite as I don't want to offend the lobster, ant, Bonsai, Bumble Bee etc of old kind of is.

Let me know what you think as always. Ill take it on the chin, then hunt you down.



  1. Charlotte (and Ben!) looks like you're doing a great job, the new collection looks amazing!

  2. How very exciting. Can't wait for the end result.

    I LOVE THAT ALFIE HAS A NAME ... and that he was a good boy. Seriously, I want a pet owl now. Can you have pet owls? Looking into it right now.