Friday, 24 February 2012

New York Fashion and Market Week

So last week I headed East. NYC in particular. I fly direct from work with a MASSIVE bag and far too many cameras, handbags and general tat hanging off my bod - pack horse / bag lady would be fitting. Panicking as usual that I was late, I arrived an hour early, as usual and boarding a 747 plane with only 30 people on the WHOLE thing. Now im not the best of flyers and this freaked me out a touch.

Anyway - A chicken dinner, 4 glasses of apple juice, half of "Drive" (it got cut off), "How does she do it" and "The Notebook" (thank god the plane was empty for my incessant sobbing) and i arrive at JKF. I drag my dead body / bag into a cab and am greeted by a news reader on the cab tele wearing one of my Charlotte by Charlotte Taylro skirts for Anthropologie! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh - no one to tell or show. So i took a picture.

This freak coincidence I figured MUST be a sign of good things to come in the states :) AND the fact that we passed a hotel on the way to Brooklyn called "The Jamaica Inn" (the title of our new collection).

So the D and A exhibition was great. Beautiful venue and elegantly displayed. If I were a buyer it would be an ideal shopping ground in my eyes. AND they gave us breakfast, a constant supply of tea and cake, strawberries and ice cream and meatballs??!?! in the afternoon. WIN WIN.

There was great traffic and we met some awesome boutiques from across the States and Japan.

Having now finished the exhibition, Ben and I are following up on our meeting and also meeting with sales agents for the States. The questions you face with new territories is whether it is best to manage sales and distribution in House or sub let it out to someone who know the market better and can place you in the correct stores without burning bridges. On the flip side, it means that you lose a personal interactive contact with buyers whist in the early days of your brand.


Ill let you know what we decide when we decide.

Tonight will be our first proper night out in NYC - how sad is that. Too tired all week. Never mind. We shall make up for it tonight. I have my uncoordinated dance legs ripe and ready to go. Watch out New York - Im coming!


  1. Your excitement is palpable, so wonderful!

  2. The collection looks fantastic Charlotte, I'm in love with the owl print! x

  3. Amazing, had to be a good sign with the newsreader and the hotel! x

  4. The Hotel name is a definite sign for good things! It looks amazing. So happy for you - UK representing!!!! The big suspended owl is a nice touch too!! X

  5. Lov ethe sweater with the green birds!

  6. Pretty finds, I like it. The dresses looks fabulous. I will refer this to my friend. Big thanks for sharing.