Monday, 23 November 2009

Shameless Charlottes Roller-coaster Ride

Spreading the word

We all know that cliche of 'it's not what you know, it's who you know" and you gotta give it to them, it's kind of true.

Post Halloween, I donned my fancy pink frock and hit Garrard for the launch of Georgina Chapman's new line. I have never felt comfortable at fashionable parties; maybe it's my northern roots and my fondness of venues sporting illuminated, revolving dancefloors that has set me apart...? However as you become accustomed to such events one tends to relax...a bit. Surrounded by hugely successful people, that I have the upmost respect and admiration for, I remember to remind myself at all times that at the end of the day, they are just people; and you know what, maybe they like revolving dance floors too...?
All these parties however are brilliant opportunities to pin people to dark corners and make them become interested in my new "next big designer" label. So with business cards in tow and a little dutch courage (4 Moscow mules) I start to "network".

Blog Off

People ask me why I started my blog:
Over 60's: "So what is this "blog" thing then...did you come up with that idea all by yourself?, oooh (a bit of cheek pinching), you are a clever girl. In MY day.......
Under 60's just mainly ask why I decided a blog would be a good support to the label etc...
There are a few reasons why to clarify:
1. It is a great way of documenting my progress. I figure this is a pretty big stage in my life and it will be nice to look back and remember everything I went through.
2. I have never been a great self-promoter and I find a blog a nice balance. One that suits me as I can talk about what I am doing without (I think) sounded big headed and full of myself.
3. For others. I know when I was at college we had plenty of lecturers come in to tell us about setting up a new label. They were VERY matter of fact and full of nasty figures and statistics. DEpressing. I guess no-one can ever fully know what to expect when they launch a company but I hoped/ hope that from my ramblings and knowledge gained on the way people might learn a thing or two..? All I know is that I would definitely have been interested to read a blog along a similar direction.
4. It's great PR baby. I needed/need to get the ball rolling before the collection is launched in february and with no clothes to actually send off to magazines, this seemed to me like a good start. I have sent this blog off to many UK publications and online bloggers etc, (Hi there if you're reading) to start spreading the word.
5. It's really therapeutic. Honestly.

Link me up

I am trying to build an online presence for "Charlotte Taylor", the brand and in doing so have also created a Facebook page to support. You may have noticed the Facebook link on the right hand side of the page. This as yet is not functioning as it should, (i'm working on it and grinding my teeth as we speak) so if you want to become a fan of "Charlotte Taylor" and recieve updates on my progress then please go to:

I also have a website, but this is under construction so will keep you posted on that one.


  1. Shameless..? Sure! But you SO look the part, sensationally schmoozing!
    Work that look girl!

  2. I'm SERIOUSLY SERIOUSLY highly fashionable and I LOVE light up dancefloors....

  3. Thanks for sending me the link...I'll be eager to track the progress of your collection!

  4. You should attach your blog to I would be able to follow it much easier and other people might come across it more frequently. Just trying to help!

  5. adding you to our blogroll.... this is a go to site for us. Both fashion students... brilliance.
    xx Love From San Francisco.

    Amy and Alex

  6. I assume you made that pink frock? It's super cute!