Saturday, 17 September 2011

SS12 - the prep and the photoshoots

Getting carried away with Bonsai trees and Kaleidoscopes - exciting times!

So the fabric arrives, we make the collection and before we know it its time for the photoshoot and also Short film - which we are doing with the wonderful and infinitely talented HarrimanSteel.

The beginning - the fabrics on my pattern cutting table before sampling begins....

The SS12 team consists of The Harriman Steel team - Produced by Beth McQueen.

Fifi - the wonderful model from Models 1. Also from the Isle of Wight = she is ace.

Camilla - Hair and Make-up extraordinaire who has worked with me from the beginning.

Katie Mills - best intern ever who has now unfortunately left. :( :(

Claire Pepper - Photographer and filmographer (is this a word?) legend. Who has put up with my random requests for 4 seasons now and still smiles and produces legendary shots and footage. Basically she is my hero.

Sophie Harris - Greenslade - OMG...Sophie does the best Nail art in the world - FACT!

Shoes provided by non other than Charlotte Olympia - Us Charlottes sticking together....fashioned here by one of our Origami Penguins, who unfortunately were cut from the shoot. We have made up for it with some on location shots for you below which set the mood....

We are family....

Hans Solo - at least he's not in Australia...

Delusions of grandeur....

Lunch Time - on a diet for fashion week...

Hair and Make-up - its all about the red lip

Napping in the make-up case...riiight

Shoe fetish - well who wouldn't with these..

Mario Testiono watch out..

Back to nature...not quite Antarctica...

Anyway a little insight in our random world and wonderful Photoshoot and Short Film.

Massive thanks to the team, who i'm sure you will agree went above and beyond this season.

Big love C xx


  1. thanks for sharing. I love photoshoots!!! and the new collection is awesome. great colors and patterns!! Love it!

  2. These photos of the paper penguins are so funny! made my day ^.^

  3. O my, just found your scrumptious label! Can't believe you also used Fifi, she is such a doll and a pleasure to work with :)

    Nadinoo x