Saturday, 17 September 2011



  1. wow I love this, such a chic, quirky way to showcase your awesome prints and clothes!
    I'm still dreaming of scoring a penguin scarf on eBay someday (sorry, I'm poor :)


  2. your film is beautiful I saw it today in topshop whilst you were giving your talk .I dunno if you remember me I was in the front row with the pink flyd top -anyway it was really cool and inspiring thankyou xx

  3. wow wow wow - I love that the video reflects your prints in mirrored, kaleidiscopic fashion. Obviously you have great people working with you to take your ideas to another level. It's amazing. I have been following your blog since day one and have watched in fascination how far you have come. Your ranges just keep getting better and better. I can tell you are going to do really big things in the future. Congratulations!

  4. This is a very sweet film and the kaleidiscope filming really draws attention to the print.

    Very sweet. Lovely Can't wait for more!! x