Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Intern needed!!

Looking for a full time intern to help me in London from 1st sept - end November. Must have experience in sewing / pattern cutting / design. Email me with a CV if you're interested. Travel expenses within London paid.

Thanks!! Cx

2 1/2 year stepping stone.

So its been just over two years since a tentative notice was handed in at Luella - was I mad leaving such an iconic, British brand....? I think most of my colleagues thought so, their eyes telling the tale, but my mind was set. I was leaving my 7 year London home and moving in with my parents in my mid twenties, on an island where I knew only a couple of people. Hmmmmmmm.....yeah good one Charlotte, sound like a great idea....Well it turn turned out that is was.

After a couple of amazing years on the island, beavering away in my little studio, dancing to cheesy tunes, sewing for hours upon end and spending every spare minute on the sea, wakeboarding and surfing (well im trying to) and getting to hang out with my folks as an adult for 2 years (this is the best bit), I now have a date set to leave and its official. Argggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.



So Ben and I are set to leave the island for London on the 1st August. (Dad found a hire van for £15 / day last year and has been relishing the thought of the move so the bargain can be fulfilled).

We have found an awesome studio in the mecca that is Shepherds Bush (I once heard that it is the best place to shop in London (this was before Westfield came) because of its diversity and product range....not soooo sure about this fact but I do know that it is host to Goldhawk Road aka, it is a stones throw away from Notting Hill and the lovely Portobello AND there is a mega climbing wall under the Westway for completely non- competitive scaling with bro at lunch time. Winner!

So this is a fairly mega move for not only me but also for the label. If I revert back to my initial goals when I set out - THIS move was one of them to achieve in THIS year. How great is that.

There are some which are not quite there yet but its only June....pleeeeeenty of time to buy that Mews house, VW camper and travel the world.....pleeeeennnnty of time.

So....How have we managed to achieve this....well I shall go into detail in my next post. For now Londoners I look forward to seeing you all very soon. Ill be the one in deck shoes and a barber wondering aimlessly around Shepherds Bush complaining about the traffic and staring and the bright lights of Westfield in awe / confusion.


Thursday, 23 June 2011

Grazia believes....

CT Elephants parading their way onto Grazia Daily....weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Monday, 20 June 2011

Stella believes.....

Check out the Elephant Skirt in Stella.......


Tuesday, 7 June 2011

SS12 - Random as always

The inspiration behind this seasons' collection.....

Japanese Nail Art and Tattooing

I have had a bit of an obsession with Japanese Nail art for quite some time now and have always been desperate to cover myself in beautiful Japanese illustrations (although this has never happened - i am a grade A wimp and a professional mind changer).
All the same it is a big influence on this season.

Fishing, fly fishing, fishermen, fish
- you get the theme

Last season by the sea (we are officially moving off the great Isle in September) so it seemed rude not too. I have always had a thing for fishing boats and the colours of the nets, worn paint and old sea dogs that spend their lives on the oceans. (Dad and I once descended on an ancient pub in the back end of beyond for a musical evening where locals could take it in turns to entertain with their particular skill - an Isle of Wight X Factor - that consisted mainly of said sea dogs singing their shanties, the Elton Johns and Leona Lewis's of the sea if you like . The unusual musical choices and "eclectic" crowd at the evening left a lasting impression on both dad and I and if I can even share an ounce of this evening with you, your life will be better or at least fuller as a result)

Bee - keeping
Coz dad wants bees at home and no one else does and we have been arguing about this for about a year now = its on the brain whether I like it or not.

Occasionally I get to sit in the garden and sketch ideas. I think this is actually my favorite prints are blacked out.

SO thats it. Im excited. I think its going to be an exciting season!! xx

Look believes.......

Big Thanks to Look for featuring the Lobster scarf this week!! xx

Metro believes..........

Big Thanks to the Metro for believing xxx

Telegraph believes......

Big up to Alicia Waite for I Spy(ing) the Ant Print Shirt on the Telegraph Fashion site

Toot! xxx