Tuesday, 10 January 2012

A hot Christmas

So December 2011 saw the Taylor clan venture to pastures new, on a trip that had been planned for over a decade. South America was beckoning - in Particular, ARGENTINA.

Sometimes I account my olive skin to our numerous relatives who hail from this vast country...I have been known to exaggerate and this is no exception. Although our travels revolved around visiting numerous wonderful family members, the reach of the family tree was distant enough to confuse the best of us after a mere pint of beer, 3 fillet steaks, 5 blood sausages and a kilo of ice cream. "So hang on a minute...you're my grandpa's, sister's, grandchild's cousin...correct...?"

Please do not get me wrong I am taking nothing away from our wonderful family, with whom I am certain we shall now begin to see on a more regular basis...its just that my "olive skin" is not because I am a descendant of some exotic, bronzed Argentinian god, in fact its not even olive at all. I am officially 100% a pasty English girl...but who cares, im proud.

The strangest thing about our trip is that nearly every family member out there is a Taylor....many, many Taylors. Very cool.

Anyway here are a few highlights from our trip:

Buenos Aires by night

The High Life


Mum showing us her moves ;-)

The reason I am now running to work every day...and night

The Tigre Delta

Damn it - take me back there now

Polo time - id ike to say that I play, but horses hate me - im more of a donkey girl

Wouldn't even look at me...

A spot of sunbathing

A general BBQ

Dad serenading me on my birthday

The spectacular Iguazu Falls

Taking my breath away

A truly memorable experience. Big up the Taylor Clan!