Thursday, 12 September 2013


With chaos of the new shop and our new offices being underneath, I decided to skip over the channel last week to Brittany to focus on next season.

Its always a time of mixed emotions. You have thrown the last few months into one collection - designing, toiling, adjusting, product development, fabric development, selling it and the photographing it and then BOOM - start again.

It feels a bit mean sometimes - like you have grown close to a person and then suddenly, its time to move on. Its always exciting but at first you are torn. This is why I often find it good to get away. It gives me time away from the distractions of the studio, time to get inspired and time to move on.

Brittany, I feel has been the most successful trip in doing all three of theses things ever.

My initial romance with Brittany began last year when i visited on a mini break with my man. His family have converted an old warehouse in the village of Dournanez, near Brest and the place is frankly magical.

As I got off the plane and we began our car journey towards the village, the superlative began,  alongside constant elaborate declarations of LOVE for northern France, and these feelings have only grown in time.

So the seed was planted and a year later I returned, sketchbook and camera in hand for my new mission - Autumn / Winter 2014 and I must say, the second my foot hit the French soil, I had forgotten Spring / Summer 14 in an instant, my mourning period reduced to zero - maybe I am getting cold hearted in my old age??

Before my trip I had been reading the epic tale that is "The Pillars of The Earth" which is set in medieval Britain and France and narrates around the building of a revolutionary Cathedral. This set me off on religion and also the ancient celtic heritage of Brittany. These are set to be large influencing factors in the new season as well as the port, landscape and people of Dournanez.

I was fortunate enough to arrive on the day of one of the biggest Pardons (religious event) of Brittany, where costumes are donned and ceremonies undertaken. Quite a spectacle.

The ancient cathedrals of Brittany are also breathtaking. Quimper is the most beautiful Cathedral city and I spent many an hour wandering its streets.

So what's in store - well I'm not 100% sure yet, but its a mix of the sea and fishing, celtic heritage and religion... eclectic as always but hopefully you'll be as spirited away as I was by Brittany.


Saturday, 7 September 2013


So we are IN - we have been at number 1 Ellis street now for the month of August and I must say it is lovely. With the whole excited chaos of getting the store ready in time for opening, we didn't take any time to contemplate our achievement and the enormity of the step we were taking into retail. It really is what dreams are made of and I still can't quite believe it!

Of course its scary - people ask me this all the time. BUT after the success of the pop up shop in the same area, the continual growth of the label over the past few years and our amazing follows; the fear factor is minimal. We have also been lucky enough to work with Cadogan Estates who have not attached a 10 year ball and chain lease to our merry feet. We have flexibility. Excellent.

Whenever I came to London as a northern outsider I was constantly lost and in awe of the place, if a little nervous. However, my biggest memory was going into all these wonderful stores and designers I had heard about, and feeling frankly, unwelcome. Snotty shop staff are still very much an epidemic in London, but this was never to be the case in my fictional CT shop.

As I dreamt as a youngster of my own store, i imagined having cups of tea with the locals and creating a buzzy store where everyone was welcome, even if they were not interested in buying.
So...guess what - this is what is happening now, and will do into the future.

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce Hannah - our shop manager - who is lovely, helpful and interested in helping YOU.

However - if at any point you do not feel welcome in CT shop - I expect a personal email, detailing why not.

With this in mind we are hoping to host a few fun monthly, weekly, annual events in store. A tea tasting morning (CTea mornings - i know its genius) - which will be my personal favourite (the tea addiction is as prevalent as ever) and then a proper opening / fashion week party....

We will post all details of future fun times on social media so don't worry - or if you're not already (shame on you) signed up to our mailing list then you can do so at the bottom of this post.

I hope to see some of you here and even if you can't make the events, don't worry - the store is still a lovely place to hang out and we have covered lots of cushions and seats in our prints too.

We are also adding in some new product as well over the next few months - smaller bits and bobs for presents etc so watch out for those. Exciting times! Cxx

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