Monday, 26 October 2009

Charlotte identity


If Luella taught me more than anything it's the importance of brand identity.
Whatever typography, logo, colours, size and spacing I use, they have to be applied within set rules and guidelines to ensure a professional appearance at all times.
Along with this I have to bear in mind a few other factors (I will go into these in more detail on later blogs):

a) Who is the 'Charlotte Taylor' woman?
She is: Endearing, quietly self assured, effortless, elegant and subtly exuberant.

b) What are the demographics of the target market?
Female, 20-45 yrs, average and above disposable income.

c) The branding needs to encompass the identity and style of the brand. What is this?
The label will focus around strong silhouettes, shapes, movement, bold colours, elegance and femininity with a slight sporty twist.

d) How is 'Charlotte Taylor' different and what is its USP?
That would be telling! Watch this space...

It is important for me to bear all this in mind when designing everything and I mean EVERYTHING.

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  1. with regards to business cards, make sure the card identifies to you- that the person who has it will still remember it is yours days later! You can do this by having some form of graphic that links to something in your collection or something more abstract. there should also be space for the person to write notes ie "THE next big thing- guard this card safely" as this is often how people remember who gave them it!