Tuesday, 6 October 2009

The crazy world of Luella

Fresh out of college I joined the Luella team in the creative marketing department. The place was "bonkers" and the girls amazing. Randomness was key, the weirder the better and always with a definitive sick undertone...but in a nice way.

Luella gave me some vital experience within the business side of the fashion industry.

Being an arty farty creative type I would be lying if I said this was a job well suited to me but I desperately needed the knowledge and don't think I could have been given a better opportunity to absorb.

The Pr, Sales, Buying and Production teams were within the same 4 walls as I, as well as the managerial roles and I watched, listened and learned and left a more rounded individual with a few great contacts and friends to boot.


  1. Hi, I saw your blog somewhere in Drapers and am now working my way through it! It's really interesting.. Wanted to ask how you got started in industry after you graduated and how you got the job at Luella? Would love if you could tell me a bit about it? :)