Thursday, 29 October 2009

I feel it in my fingers....i feel it in my clothes

The way I role

To get the best out of myself when designing I need a couple of things to be there/ going on:

1. All my research has to be on a big board within close proximity
2. I place little groups of objects in still life scenarios depicting sections of the inspiration story
3. Music. When I dance in public, many a name has be rudely thrown in my direction, 'illegal' and 'unique' being two of the forerunners. So in the solitude of my studio, where no others can be hurt I dance ( with my dancing donkey burt) and sing (into my fabric shears) just because I can and it makes me happy and happiness must surely fuel good design right...right.

4. I have a selection of my more interesting charity shop gems scattered around. Mostly to look at details. It always means I push the designs further as I keep trying new styles and detailing.
5. When I design I draw my designs first, hundreds of them; then circle my favorites and start working with them on the stand/ mannequin (Margaret to those who know her) as seen in the photo below. A good 'Margaret' is vital for me to get the best out of my designing skills.
6. I'm a bit of a collector and any images I find interesting I stick to my wall or pin board. These at times provide me with unexpected ideas which can add to and compliment the bulk of the 'inspiration story'.

Yes, this photo IS on self-timer and it IS posed but you get the idea..."This is Charlotte working on the stand"

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  1. I love this post!! made me smile and totally inspired me :) thanks!