Thursday, 22 October 2009

Fly me to France daarling to find some faabulous Fabrics

Premiere Vision

It's September and I jet over to the Premiere Vision fabric fair in gay Paris.
Popping into different stalls, ordering samples of fabrics, I realize my error in not having any business cards on hand to give to the suppliers. This in turn does not merit my disguise in being an ever so important designer from London from the 'next big label' who everyone must surely be wanting to work with...hmmmm. Note to self. A business card is worth its money in in gold.

However on the whole a hugely successful trip and I am still receiving the plentiful fabric, trimming, button and zip samples from which to order for my collection.

My only advice to novice's like myself is to:
a) Take business cards
b) Be relaxed as they can be scary. Everyone has to start somewhere and if they are mean then you probably don't want to deal with them (and they'll probably be out of your price range anyway)
c) Take flat shoes...I reckon I completed a marathon in 2 days
d) Don't be afraid to go out in the romantic areas of Paris alone...meal for one, bottle for one- it's not a crime; and remember the people watching you sat alone at your table will be far more uncomfortable than you...honestly

* Anyone can get tickets for Premier Vision at:
The next show is 9 - 12 Feb 2010. They run bi-annually in February and September.

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