Tuesday, 30 March 2010

AW10 - The hit list

Now no fighting girls - this season its all about the Penguin print headscarf...

To be worn in all moods, for all occasions. If you don't have one in September you just ain't cool sister. FACT.

For when one is "melancholy"


..."not quite yourself aka not enough sleep and a bit nuts"

...has "lost the plot"

...or just a little bit sad. Your pure silk Penguin print scarf will turn that frown upside down and at just £40 each it would be rude not to.

The scarves will go on sale in September at selected stockists which will be confirmed shortly. If you are interested in purchasing one I would suggest you email me your interest and I will keep your details on record to inform you when they hit the stores.

As I am keeping the label very small this year, there will be a very limited number of scarves made, so make sure you get in there.


p.s If you email you are by no means obliged to buy, I will just inform you of when stock is released


  1. was blog hopping and landed in your fun world!

    you are too cute!

    i'm hosting a giveaway i think you might like-- http://tinyurl.com/gardenofwhimsey

  2. I really do love your penguin print. Only thing is that I find when it's tied on the head like this, you can't see those super cute penguins! I prefer it as a blouse where they can really be seen and appreciated.

  3. I LOVE THIS SH*T!!!!! GET ME ONE!!!!