Friday, 5 March 2010

So what happens now...?

Post LFW action plans

So I wake up the day after the exhibition has finished with an unexpected urgency and tension hovering over me. Ahhhhh i've over's 8am. I bolt out of bed, hair, legs, arms flailing behind me. I rain them in and dart down the stairs. BOOM. IDIOT. LFW IS OVER. GO BACK TO BED.

After months of continuous, uninterrupted hard graft the toughest transition in my life seems to be stopping working at a million miles an hour. I feel like the finishing line on my 100m sprint is a brick wall, I kind of don't want to finish, it's been way too much fun. Hummph.

Get over it Taylor. this is the challenging bit now, you have to sell it. Now GO!

So day one is a goody. I'm off to see a big London department store. They want to see the collection. Get in. I potter through London in my little Renault clio, arriving 2 hours early which in central London = expensive. Good one. In my nervous state I decide that a 2nd breakfast is the best option.

After spending 1/2 hour carting my collection through the store we start chatting. I think it goes ok. I have everything I need which is good.
Price list with spec drawings
Press release
Fabric swatches
Contact details
As far as I am aware it is pretty tricky to get stockists in your first season. They say stores want to see that you're going to stay around and not flake at the first hurdle. I get it but it definitely doesn't make it any easier for us.

Next stop i'm off to Vogue house to meet with one of the magazines to show them my collection. It all goes fine apart from I am greeted at the top of the escalator trying to contain my childish fit of giggles....
Whilst carrying my collection (piled high in clear plastic bags) I was confronted by a young lady in the escalator asking if I had a steamer tucked somewhere under my mound of plastic bags and clothing

I had in my tramp like glory (giant green puffa jacket and hat) been mistaken for someone I was not. This time it was for an intern. I take solace in that I was actually even let into the building. One step up I guess.

The collection goes down ok I guess, it's always hard to tell but i'm smiling as I leave to pay for my 7 hours parking at £25 gazillion pounds/hr...bargain


  1. Everything it is going to be great!!!

    I am your biggest fan from Barcelona

  2. I can't wait to see your collection in the shops, i absolutely adore it. x x x

  3. It's so exciting how bold you are! and that you have a personal blog to document this journey you're on. i can't wait for your collection to go on sale too! xxxx

  4. Next time you need to park in London, ask your readers first! Some of us have parking spaces! Good luck with the buyers, I've been following the story since Susie posted and you are doing so well, you will make it without a doubt.

  5. Congratulations!

    I thought you may love this, what with your love of grannies and whatnot...

    it looks amazing, hope everything goes well!

  6. As a designer, the selling is definitely the hardest part but you'll succeed. One day you'll look at these stories and laugh. It will all be worth it.