Friday, 19 March 2010


Website design gets under way

So it's time to get an official platform to showcase the label and it's collections, a website. I have collaborated with Lucid Design Agency on this with a friend of a friend Matthew Blanchard who has recently designed other fab websites including the new Cassius Eyewear one.

To get an idea of what I wanted I have been doing a lot of research on other websites figuring out what I like and most importantly what I don't like. My favourites are Alexander Wang - I love the simplicity

Chanel - obviously

I also have to consider the titles I want and all the content i.e biography, press etc and functionality. Is it easy to navigate and not annoying with too many sub-titles and irritating quirks?
There are so many things to consider and with Matthew living in Liverpool and my studio being on the fair Wight Isle it's not easy. We will prevail though and I from the first few mock ups I think it's going to be pretty stunning..yay


  1. Good luck making the website, i hope it goes well. Can't wait to see it and your collection in the shops.


  2. Hm websites are always stressful. Hope it all goes swimmingly.

  3. An important tip I've discovered and like to share... Be careful not to make your site Flash/animation-based but only use Flash/slide shows "within" your site. Google and other search engines do not read Flash-based text and it will not show up in search engines. It's an important part of business for your site and content to be found if someone is looking for it.

    If you share this w/your web developers, they should understand the details.