Saturday, 27 March 2010

You live. You learn. You learn. You share.

Working with fello enthusiasts

Over the past few months many people have emailed me asking me for advice (which is strange for me, but lovely) and I as always try and be as honest and matter as fact as I can possibly be. This week has included a couple of really interesting projects.

Katie's Design brief

Katie is a student at Bath Spa, where she studies Fashion Design and has asked me to write her a design brief for one of her projects. This is a strange one for me as I have no experience in teaching but have a fair amount of experience in receiving design briefs at college.

Katie needs to see me three times.
1. To be briefed
2. To get feedback
3. To show me the final presentation

The project started this week and we had arranged to meet next week but unfortunately I have meetings in London so our initial meeting will be over the phone (sorry Katie!).

So when thinking about the brief I wanted to come up with something enjoyable and interesting whilst remaining relevant.
I chose the "World Wide Web", asking Katie not to look at it as a library of information on other designers through blogs and on-line magazines but to look at the structure and development of the web and the implications it has on people's lives.

It is a very open brief and I gave Katie a few ideas on where she can go so lets see what she comes up with...

Elaine and friends' Industry Project

Elaine, Amanda, Bianca, Alison, Ib, Esther are brand management master students from Istituto Marangoni (London) and asked to meet with me this week.

They wanted to get a better understanding of the process and development of womenswear in the fashion industry and wanted to pick my brain on how this process is for a new designer.

The girls made their way from London all the way to my house in the middle of no-where yesterday and we all sat in my studio and chewed the fat for a good hour or so whilst I talked through everything I have been through this year and what I have learned (lets hope they weren't too bored!)

We talked Production, Sales (see example of sales order form above), PR, Marketing, Branding and they even helped me out on a few contacts as well.

The girls seemed incredibly clued up on and knew a huge amount of what I had already told them, but I hope I helped a bit. We are meeting for the last time in London next week to show them the collection etc and answer any more last minute questions.


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