Monday, 26 April 2010

Vogue believes....

Jessica Bumpas' article featured today on



  1. I just looked up the article on Vogue - it's fantastic! You must be every pleased with it.. I'm sure that'll raise your profile quite a lot.
    So a big congratualtions for that, and I've been enjoying reading all your updates. I have been finding it so useful to read the blog of someone in the fashion industry - especially as I want to be a designer when I'm older (as I've more than likely mentioned before.. hehe)

  2. BOOM!!!! BRILLIANT. Shame the link to the gallery doesnt work; would be good to see your whole collection from that site; CONGRATULATIONS!!! x

  3. AMAZING!!!!!! it just shows with talent, PR, business head and determination you can achieve great things!! Keep going!!! xxx