Friday, 13 May 2011

Ben the....


So who better to go into business with than someone you trust implicitly, respect, have known for literally ever, never (well rarely) argue with and generally have a right laugh with - my brother Ben.

Benjamin Taylor, as of a week last monday / tuesday is officially managing the business side of things at CHARLOTTE TAYLOR, helping develop the brand and generally provided a whole load of expertise needed to take the label to the next level and then to infinity and beyond etc...

We are very excited about everything and have even built a proper office bit in the studio. Our favorite new additions being the "That was easy" over-sized button from Staples and the picture of us both as kids above our desks (random clothing included).

Some people may say that we are mad - those who know us know that it is what one might say a "Killer combo" or an "Unstoppable force", or perhaps "A no brainer" - or maybe mum and dad have brainwashed us.
Many a proud parent has indeed given a tone deaf, rhythm less child an unshakable self belief in their talent and shoved them, oosing with confidence onto an X-factor stage or the like, only to be told that dying cats sound better. Lets hope we are not in that bracket.

I am sure that as we wear our B and C super hero outfits to the office every day anything is possible.

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  1. This is so awesome. Me and my brother would kill each other in about fifteen minutes. But then, we were never superheroes B and C so... Good luck with your sibling venture!