Wednesday, 2 December 2009

A day in the life of...

Just because I seem to be flying around today, bouncing off walls and falling down stairs I thought i'd share with you a typical mad day

Whilst munching my breakfast I write myself a to do list. I LOVE lists. They're great as long as you don't lose them.

I check my emails.
- This morning I woke up to one of the most complimentary emails I am yet to receive about my blog. It was from a fellow designer (much more established than I) commenting on how useful he thought the blog would be to other designers and also helping me out with a few further links/ recommendations. I was overwhelmed at his kind words and thoughtful advice.
He mentioned to me this blog:
and also a book called:
'The Fashion Designer's Survival Guide' (
So a massive thankyou from all of us!
- I also send off a few emails arranging meetings in London next week when I am up, forwarding to Brian to see if he can also attend.

I start making calls to:
- My accountant to arrange him sending me a parcel with all my company info in it.
- One of my fabric suppliers in Germany to pay for some goods. I find out I have to go into the bank to do this and it's a pain and costs me £15. The cheek!
- The fabric printing company to confirm my order and delivery date.
- Another fabric company to confirm the order and arrange payment.

I head into town
- To the bank
- I drop by Tescos (The Isle of Wight mecca... this place is enormous and it's filled by half the Island population at any one given time) to pick up some stationary for the studio. I feel like a woman on a organizing mission today and i'm gonna roll with it.

Organization GO

I try to keep on top of the business side of things, doing something everyday. Today I bought new files, including box files for fabrics and plastic tubs for patterns, fabrics etc.
Every time I find a contact in any field I log it and file it. Obvious I know but I find it helps me keep on top of things. I usually plan my day with:
Am - Emails then 'admin'
Lunch - Eat, crossword with Dad and emails
Pm - Designing and pattern cutting etc
Eve - Designing and blog

- Lunch
- Checked my emails
- Called a couple of interns who are coming to help me to arrange dates etc.

- I get in the studio designing. I'm excited and buzzing ready to go.
- Finish off the pattern for a skirt
- Work on the pattern for a waistcoat/ jacket which I pretty much finish and love love love!!

- Do some research on custom woven labels to go in the clothes. I have got 3 companies to send me samples in the post which should arrive within a couple of days.

- Dinner
- Assemble a desk (harder than you think)

- Sit down with the dog and write my blog.

- Put up a curtain
- Have a bath
- Go to bed


  1. I find it absolutely jarring that the banks charge US (the customer) to do anything with OUR money - send a cashiers cheque, etc... I mean, they make money from us deciding to hold our money in their facilities. They make a LOT of money, and yet we are charged for giving them the privilege of holding and protecting our money. Whatever happened to the old days of stuffing your mattress?!?! :)

  2. I love lists too! And, I absolutely love your blog Charlotte - I'm hoping to break into fashion journalism which is also supposed to be a toughy so I find this ever so interesting! I'm currently interning at a trend forecasting company and keeping my toes crossed for the future....I have a blog too, I write about my fashion conscious 58 year old Mother - do take a look if you fancy. Keep up the writing, I'm following you and wish you the best of luck with everything xxx

  3. nice ass and tights¡¡¡

  4. Hallo Charlotte
    I knew your Mum when she was your age. If you have anything like the personality, ability and drive that she had, then you will be very successful indeed.
    I wish you the luck that every entrepreneur needs, and all the best for the future!