Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Subject: Stuffed Animals

Just because it's Christmas and everyone loves a good office party story....

I was forwarded this message this morning from a distressed boss to her workforce:

The venue from Friday night (who have been VERY understanding considering the mess and devastation we caused) have emailed me this morning to say 3 of their stuffed animals have disappeared.

If you know anything about these please let me know – if you took one RETURN it to me immediately or if you moved one and can help us find them please say.

If we do not return / help them locate the items, they will charge us for replacements.

Thanks for your help.


Apparently no one could help...

According to reliable sources the stuffed animals have actually been on a their holidays...

We have also been informed that the said stuffed ferrets are now on their way 1st Class (couriered in box) back home (to weird event venue that keeps stuffed animals...?!?!) along with framed printouts of the above photos from their holidays (time spent on culprits desk whilst culprit time wastes as a Snappy Snaps for Ferrets wannabe).

Arrrrrr...happy endings at Christmas.


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