Thursday, 17 December 2009

Do I have a problem...?

My weird obsession with Grannies...

So back in July I began my research. Friends would call up, asking what I was up to and where I was...."Oh. i'm Granny hunting today. I've just found some great ones on the pier, i'm really excited!"
My exclamation of joy at having found said grannies usually followed with an awkward pause then "Oh Charlotte, not again".
Why is it that I find Grannies so very inspiring? To the extent that I hop in my little car (regularly) to search the lovely Isle in hope of capturing that "special" moment...?

Maybe it's their inhibitions..? I love the way that old pieces from the past are combined with modern day versions. Things are quite often the wrong size or they just simply don't match and I love it. It fascinates me.

Trashy grannies has been a third of the fuel in my AW'10 inspiration fire this season. It will always however be backed up by the elderly population on a whole. The two clippings above and below are two of my favorites and found in the same paper on the same day. You can imagine my excitement..

It is an obsession I am trying to come to terms with and am considering help. I must say I do feel a little bit of an odd ball when I am hiding behind lamp posts, camera ready to try and get the optimum shot without being caught.
The Isle of Wight Paparazzi I guess...
Shush now.


  1. God bless you for admitting your quirks. It's quite endearing and hilarious...and honestly the Gran factor makes anticipating the collection all the more intriguing :)

  2. I love how you're embracing your own style and inspiration, 'fashion' conforming to the Lady Gaga thing is getting so boring! I for one, cannot wait to see your collection xx

  3. Haha, this is rather it! Granny chic is the way forward

  4. Suffice to say your blogs are getting more informative and more readable day by day! Loved the old dears on the conveyer belt of life, (Ventnor), brilliant work!

  5. love it. embrace your inner granny perve x