Tuesday, 8 December 2009

"So where abouts in Vauxhall is this 'Scout' thing anyway...?

"Actually Dad it's not called that because...oh never mind"

A manic five days of no sleep, food or human contact has culminated in:
- 5 x Garment bags: Containing my AW '08 collection, beautifully ironed and de-fluffed (thanks Stephanie!)
- 1 x AW '08 Portfolio
- 1 x Business, Marketing and Pr folder
- 1 x Sales folder
- 1 x AW '10 Concept and Design Folder

So i'm on the first ferry, then train up to London town, tubing it straight to VFS (not in Vauxhall BTW) to drop off the goods. We have been told to drop off between 10am and 6pm tomorrow and collect between the same times on Friday. We are not allowed to be present during judgement day (Thursday) so hopefully my pre-prepared package will speak volumes and do the talking for me.

Fingers, toes, legs and arms crossed!

Also I wanted to say thanks to everyone who emailed with their support for my little campaign, it meant so much and lets hope it works!

I am off to the Vauxhall Fashion Scout Salon round 2 tomorrow evening so will have some more juicy advice shortly so watch this space.

Right bed time...im looking forward to some more spreadsheet dreams...