Sunday, 6 December 2009

"Geek Chic"

No i'm afraid I haven't turned into Alexa Cheung...this weekend I have mostly been doing.... spreadsheets TADA!!

In eager anticipation for round two of VFS I have been geeking it up on the Isle this weekend, taking snippets of time out to calm down my irate father and his huffing and puffing during the X Factor semi-finals (Daniel going out tonight nearly sent him over the edge). Oh what a glamourous life I lead.

My preparations have included:
- Spreadsheets on everything imaginable
- Perfecting the business plan/ strategies
- Prepping my previous collection for the panel
- Compiling press books, marketing folders
The list goes on but I don't want to give it all away before I actually present. It is a competition after all!

Sometimes I need to put on my "COOL" glasses to remind myself that possibly one day I could be...oh come on you know you want some.

I am also going to introduce you to a few members of the team of people who are helping me build this multi-million pound empire!


Brenda is my main seamstress. On her CV she describes one of her skills:
"Working under pressure whilst maintaining a high degree of accuracy along with a sense of humour"
This for me describes her perfectly, apart from including how supportive she is towards me and my little venture. I feel really lucky to have found her as although I have not known her long, I know she's got my back.


Stephanie is the first intern to join the company. She is an aspiring pattern cutter and a hard worker and has been an integral part of the team so far.

There are more guys and gals that I will introduce along the way but that's it for now folks.

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