Thursday, 11 February 2010

Casterton, Casterton, Casterton our school....

GCSE textiles revisited

So this weekend I sent out an SOS to my buddies. Hand sewing, spreadsheets, print layouts and banter needed in excessive doses and my oh my did they deliver...

My besties are actually mainly still from my school days at Casterton School in Lancashire. Named best value for money in the UK i.e half a sandwich for lunch and a netball court sporting one to many pot holes. We loved it though...excelling in all areas and setting an exemplary standard of conduct at all times....

Our first school buddie got married last year and being a 'frock maker' is made worth while when you can punish your pal with a red PVC swimsuit for a pre wedlock weekend of debauchery...

So the team arrived friday night. I fed and watered them, sending them to bed early for a bright and early 12pm!?!?
There were 5 troops in total and we sewed, ironed, organised and did fancy stuff on illustrator. As we would have said at school it was totally LUSH.

It brightened my weekend having the girls down, it has also broken me in gently for communication with the outside world in preparation for my exit from the house in a weeks time. For this and that I thank-you all. Love you long time xx


  1. S0 glad we could have been of help Charles, it was amazing to see everything and I was blown away by how AMAZING the collection is! I look forward to all of you helping me out when I too finally take the plunge and set up my own company!!! SO PROUD!!!!

  2. What a lovely blog; Didnt expect so much airtime!!

    Couldnt be more proud of you love, the collections looking stunning and I hope we were more of a help than a hinderance!
    Love you lots xx

  3. This sounds like so much fun, I want to see the finished result properly please :)

    Love your blog, do feel free to check out mine :)