Saturday, 6 February 2010

The watering 2

Mac, Tea shops, Model bookers, Symbolism, Sushi and rubbish internet cafes

So after our Photoshoot meet, Camilla and I potter over to Covent Garden. We are meeting with Models 1 to discuss working with one of their new faces who is actually also an Island gal. We have a bit of time to spare so head off to Mac to look at make-up (not my forte, I try on about 10 lipsticks and end up looking like i've been rejected from the traveling circus) but Camilla has her business head on and we pick a few key colours to use in the shoot.

On our way to the modeling agency we pass a tea shop. AKA a shop solely dedicated to tea. Heaven. I buy a multi selection for a small fortune before being dragged kicking and screaming down the road.

So as Camilla and I are sat in Models 1 reception I surprisingly find myself more nervous in this scenario than most I have previously encountered. Maybe its because everyone is super human and I feel very not superhuman. The bags from sleep deprivation raising their ugly heads and oh, god, are those wrinkles and ergh, no, a grey hair......arrrrgggghhhh. Calm down nut job.
We meet with one of the bookers who is lovely and says that we can use our Island gal, Fifi as long as she agrees etc. We are over the moon. She is amazing. Now we wait.

Elated, Camilla and I head to eat Sushi and discuss the shoot. It's been a good day so far and we are hyped. Post Salmon teriaki we part ways and I head off to the Freemasons' Hall to meet the VFS team and see the exhibition space.

The Hall is unreal. The detail, phenomenal. I'm blown away. Our space is within one of the more simplistic room, which is light and airy so we're all chuffed. What a great venue.
We meet Emma, who is head of Sales for VFS and her assistant Chloe, both lovely, enthusiastic and really, really helpful. John, who is one of the directors of VFS is also there and after we tour the building and relevant spaces we sit down and talk.
Plans are put in place, advice given, questions answered and worries eased. It feels like a hugely successful counseling session. I feel cleansed and so excited. To visualize the space has realized the event in my mind. Eek.

Vauxhall Fashion Scout have also updated their website with all the designer info so take a look: CHARLOTTE TAYLOR Profile

I then head off to meet up with some of the team who will be helping me at the exhibition before jumping on the train to head back home.

Good Day.


  1. Goodness, it is really all coming together now! So glad to read a post where you don't have to be all stressed ;) Thanks for the teaser!

  2. Oh my GOSH! I am getting excited now, (if a little nervous), for you LottsSTAR, and it is such a thrill to FINALLY see an essence of your output on the VFS site!


    Honestly babe, I genuinely love what I saw of the clobber, albeit a brief and narrow window. Really striking and gutsy but elegant, simple and most importantly, (and unfortunately uncommon), what I saw was so refreshingly ATTRACTIVE!! Unconventional and yet, am I allowed to say, "functional"? (w.t.f. do I know?!) flawlessly, flattering and upbeat. Sensational

    Punching with the semi pros now sister. But i earnestly believe your work stood out. I liked Hermione, Lidija & Dejan, Eudon Choi, and ASKH but the rest, either pretentious preening or just drab and undergrad.

    (...i see penguins... and HAPPY FEET!)

    PS Who is the bag lady outside the tea-shop?

  3. Hi! I've recently discovered your blog - and I just love it!
    So I've given you a "One Lovely Blogger Award!"

    You can get it here:
    I know this isn't simply a style blog and is more a diary and play-by-play of you launching a line, but I think it's FABULOUS that someone is willing to put themselves out there like that, and it is a wonderful resource for anyone who is even considering launching their own line. (me?)
    Keep up the great blogging!

  4. Hey lady - looks like you're having the most amazing time. Love reading your blog too, I hope you keep it up even after LFW!

    Really looking forward to covering you at LFW - getting quite a few invites in now!
    Not sure where I'm placing you just yet but will defo. be in at least one magazine :)


  5. Also - bit random but figured you might read this :) I know you're v. busy but a girl I know is meant to be working with you in the week run up to LFW (15th onwards...?) and she said she'd emailed a few times but was getting worried she was no longer doing it as she was getting no reply? Just thought I'd let you know in case for some reason you're not even getting her emails! x

  6. Hi Charlotte

    Me and my fellow blogger Petey love your fashion blog and just wanted to wish you all the best at London fashion week this year I am sure you will do brilliantly..!!! I have worked at Vauxhall fashion scout a few times when I was at uni and they are brilliant I hope this is a great launch pad for you.

    Love Alice

    P.S please check out our blog