Thursday, 4 February 2010

The watering 1

Back to back meetings for my final trip to London before D Day

Tuesdays' penultimate task sees me night training it up to London to meet Brian for our pre-exhibition de-brief. It basically involved me filling Brian in on my progress, discussing how we can push ideas further and primarily what happens and how to prepare for what happens after the exhibition is over (so I don't hit a wall of chaos having not thought it through).

It's an early start on Wednesday to meet the team for the look book shoot next weekend. They include:

Claire Pepper The photographer.
Has won young fashion photographer of the year amongst other achievements.

Ellie Grace Cumming, stylist extraordinaire
Assistant to Katy England.
Check out her shoot below with Photographer Daron Bailey

Camilla Hewitt Hair and make-up guru.

We all meet at Claire's studio in Central London at 8.30am. Claire provides us with tea and croissants and then the brainstorming begins.
- I show everyone my ideas and inspirations behind the shoot, attempting along the way to assist them in understanding the brand and what suits its image and what doesn't.
- Ellie goes through many of the practicalities, making sure that we are all clear of the shoots direction and what we want to achieve. She also adds spins on my ideas, pushing boundaries.
- Claire talks technicalities. Lighting, backdrops, cropping and post production.
- Camilla goes through the options for hair and make-up, which we don't quite pin down as we are not sure if we have secured the model we want or not at this stage.

It is so helpful for me to visualize the studio in which we will be shooting, introduce all the team to each other and see them collectively getting excited about a now shared goal and vision.
It's a strong team sheet and my tail starts wagging again.

This is going to be good. This is going to be REALLY good.


  1. Been following your blog for a little while.

    Hope it goes well for you with the exhibition, and the last minute things come toghether.

    I'm keeping an eye peeled locally for anyone loitering with intent around grannies, in case its you :)

  2. Photos look ace. Love the ethereal lighting of the first one

  3. Big fan of the blog, this is a very helpful for a fashion student like me.
    I do have a question tho, on how do you budget for the photo shoot, is it sponsors or savings, friends?
    because in my experience hiring a professional model for 1hr cost £500 and as a student or starting out designer this is way too much. no? and then you have stylists, photographer, make up. how do you do it?