Thursday, 18 February 2010 WILL go to the ball!! whose idea was this whole "Fashion Label" thing anyway...

So as the days roll on they get longer and longer. Sleep is for the faint hearted I tell myself. Who needs friends? After the photo shoot on Saturday a friend actually asked me if they had put make up on and around my eyes...."No Jamie, they're just bags". Anyway enough moaning (i'm not really I love it) and move on.

So it's Monday morning and I have post (in itself very exciting especially when it's not bills). My labels were delivered whilst I was away so I pop off to the Post Office to collect. I'm excited, the labels represent the final stages and the sample ones looked great.

They are wrong

I check my emails and fortunately I have put in the correct description after having seen samples to proof. They are liable, thank god.
Unfortunately Mr Labels man seems as enthusiastic about getting the correct labels to me as a toad and has proceeded to tell me to "call back tomorrow" for an update every day since. Looks like they'll be arriving on Saturday (too late) - great.
Never mind, the alternatives will have to do...grrrrrrr.

My poor Mama has had the lurgy this week and as she finally breaks through into the realms of normality, I grab her. She is appointed head label on sewer and for a few wonderful hours we sit and peacefully sew reminiscing about her past and how she thinks I would have made a great Ice Skater (the Olympics are on and she used to be one herself)...I don't think she could be further from the truth. I have inherited my Dad's clumsy gene (which she assures me I can "keep under control") and tend to generally sew my fingers together rather than the material itself. God knows what i'd be like on ice with blades on my feet, that's asking for trouble I say. Ill stick where I am thanks.

So as I approach Saturday I have a million and one things to do and of course there is never enough time so apologize for my lack of updates but I am documenting and will show lots next week.

So I give you my last minute to-do list:

- Finish sewing on labels
- Make head scarves
- Go to town and pick up stationary and props for the exhibition
- Finish all hand sewing on garment
- Prepare Sales and Press packs for the exhibition
- Book Ferry
- Terms and conditions
- Confirm team and timings etc
- Email VFS with details of guestlists etc
- Confirm printing with printers
- Pack car and pack everything up for a week away
- Check with pals that they have managed to get hangers.

Phew and i'm sure I have forgotten stuff to write down..Better get on with it then! I am going to try and blog throughout the exhibition but will have to play it by ear so for now...wish me luck!!


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  2. Oh no! well at least they are spelt right hey.
    Have fun and keep that clumsy gene under control and I will see you at the weekend, hopefully with all fingers still intact!!
    Claire x

  3. Break a Leg, well, in yr case Good Luck might be better! Looking forward seeing yr collection.
    saw a granny on her bike cycling against the wind here in Holland and wish i could have taken pic. she was quite a sight in her calflength coat and ankleboots.

  4. The best of luck to you. It's been so great reading about the run up to your debut, studying textiles myself it's really insightful. Good Luck I can't wait to hear all about it.

  5. Sorry about the labels, but if that's all that goes wrong then it's smooth sailing from here on out! Best of luck to you - I can't wait to see the finished product!

  6. Good luck, cant wait to see pictures of the show x

  7. Good luck Charlotte. I'm sure you'll go down a storm.
    Jim M. x

  8. Your be great, im sure :)
    Good luck at LFW and "Keep Calm and Carry On" as they say.

    Looking forward to seeing the collection


    Kayleigh Ann Style Blog

  9. Good luck - can't wait to see the pictures!


    dadadadadadadadadadDADADA! TOP CAT!