Monday, 15 February 2010

Snappy Snaps R Us

Saturday 13th February 2010 - The Look Book Shoot

So two days before the shoot we find out that our island gal Fifi can not do the shoot...don't panic Charlotte. However we have the amazing Lucy on board from Models 1 who, in a jiffy mails me over some great alternatives. I send the online portfolios to the look book team and we all individually pick the same girl. She is perfect. She is Rachel.

Rachel Cockerell, a 15 year old schoolgirl from London who is just entering the modeling world and is the consummate professional, a natural and at the same time, lovely.

So Friday was a mad one. Having to book your car onto the ferry gives oneself exact deadlines for when one must exit the house. 2.45pm was my deadline and it was tight. If you can imagine an irate chicken running around its pen in circles, flapping wings and squawking uncontrollably you're about half way there. It was messy.

Dad helped me pack the car, dropping a few silk dresses out their respective bags on the way, then trying to blame me for it... By the end of the packing drama the car looked like I was trying to escort a body off the Island in my boot...I wasn't, just some stuffed birds from the local waxworks museum and a young (alive) girl who was scarily in need of some sedative and should probably be sectioned...Good afternoon north island.

So the shoot went brilliantly.
I forgot the shoes in the morning so had to SOS by bro out of bed for a quick trip into town. He popped in for 10 minutes, distracting everyone...what's this for? where does this go?, hey Charlie check this out...ha ha ha..!
Ben get that off now and go away...NOW

It took us a while to get going.
Claire insisting on getting the lighting exactly right so we could continue with the exact theme throughout. She of course was right and it looked epic.
Camilla perfecting Rachels' look: she looked stunning, really stunning.
Ellie and I having a catch up and going through all the accessories and sorting through looks.
Yasmin, my buddie and assistant not talking to anyone and slowly, yet methodically stroking the hairs off all the garments....a 5am finish that morning taking its toll. Ouch. Bless her.

The photos looked amazing. I am over the moon. The team and set-up worked seamlessly, the day was essentially fun and memorable and I want to say a huge thankyou to you all for making a girls dream come true. Hard work can pay off to London Fashion Week!!!

The photos are now in post-production and will be ready for LFW. I will post them up here soon so watch this space.


  1. looking forward to seeing the pics! will you email them to me?
    Rachel x x x

  2. Oh course love. They'll get sent to Models 1 too so don't fret. They look really great, you should be really proud of yourself xxx

  3. wow, sounds like a fantastic shoot!! will be exciting to see the result! im keeping my fingers crossed for your show xx

  4. This all looks so exciting!! Hope your final few days prep go really well!! :)) xx

  5. Sounds like a hectic/crazy/fun blast. Can't wait to see the final product!

    I have a meeting w/a retailer and photog about a lookbook shoot this Sunday, so it's always nice to hear about others' experiences.