Monday, 17 May 2010

Calling all felow designers...

So it has be increasingly apparent that many people / designers struggle to find appropriate fabric wholesalers, manufacturers, graders, pleaters, printers and dyers etc and there are few resources that provide this information easily (as previously discussed).

The only forums I am aware of are:


So I am here to ask today for you all out there to help everyone else. If you know of a good fabric wholesaler, manufacturer, grader, pleater, printer or dyer then please email me and ill put in on the blog.

As I am sure you are all aware a recommendation is worth its money in gold. If you can let us know what they do / produce that would be awesome and ill place the info on-line asap.

Happy sharing campers..


  1. oh thats such a cute picture charles! sorry thats all i have to share...

  2. thanks for getting the word out! And I agree that picture is friggin adorable ^_^

  3. The only pleaters I know are Ciment Pleating:

    As for fabric wholesalers, I would say that you probably have to budget in a trip to PV and buy directly from the mills.

  4. Plus Sampling/ Nailya was the worst sa.pling unit I've ever tried. Poorest quality and very unprofessional . avoid.

  5. Plus Sampling/ Nailya is the worst sampling unit I've ever tried. Poorest quality and very unprofessional. avoid.

  6. Great place to find good Sampling units is: