Thursday, 27 May 2010

Lets get inspired encore...

An insight into where the ideas for SS'11 are coming from this season

Old School Robots

Because you wind them up and they do funny stuff
Because they have fab details, contours and interconnecting bits and bobs
Because they all tell a story and have a history
Because they dance with me and Burt my dancing donkey

Copper and copper formations

Because there is a huge copper sculpture in a naff hair salon on my road and bizarrely I kinda love it
Because the shades and formations of copper are truly breathtaking

Boat and sail construction and materials

Because I live on an island and have grown up a water baby
Because the complex construction and materials used in boat building is a true art and utterly inspirational
Because my buddy is a sail maker and has the coolest workshop in workshop history

Again team, it's all about interaction over here and if you feel you can add to the inspiration mixing pot then fire your images over my way and ill pop them up...


  1. some small beautiful things give us a big fun and pleasure.going with fashion is demand of modern age,everyone want to look beautiful and attractive.

  2. Boats and sails are filling my head at the moment. I spent the summer working on a boat, came back to "Sophomore Fashion drawing 1", started doodling and realised i'd designed an excellent spinnaker, rather than a dress. oops. Also having trouble walking in straight lines having got used to walking on a rolling deck, but that poses somewhat less of a quandry!!! Glad to know someone else is appreciating them though! And well done on being one to watch!