Tuesday, 25 May 2010

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Some more contacts from other designers

So here is some of the information that has been sent to me so far. I will add it all to the menus at the side of the blog for you all to reference. Unless stated they have been recommended by people who have worked with each company. I have included notes on each accordingly.

If anyone else has more info they feel like sharing then please send it over and ill pop it up, but for now a MASSIVE thanks to all who wrote in. You are all super stars!

Fabric Printers

Print Unlimited

- ok prices, good result, and quick delivery

Factories / Production / Sampling

1. Acton Cut (sent to me direct from the factory)
Pattern Making / sampling / design development / production
Previous clients: Stewart Parvin, Richard Nicoll, Jonathon Saunders, Peter Jenson
Contact Details: acton-cut@hotmail.co.uk, 020 3110 0127, 45 Churchfield rd, London, W3 6AY

2.I did my sampling with two workshops. I think it's a good idea not to put all your eggs in one basket! The first was with Nailya at www.plussamples.co.uk contact details are nailya nailya@plussamples.co.uk and the second was Kosa at The Workshop which is through fashion enter www.fashion-enter.com

The above 2 companies who did my sampling however will do production. Kosa only in the UK and Nailya in the UK and Lithuania.

3. Ribbon Textiles (Sent direct from factory)

4. 24 Seven Talent (sent direct from company)

London Based. Represent freelance Technical candidates: Sample Machinists, Pattern Cutters and Sample Cutters.

We are an out wear, denim and leather goods production company based in Istanbul - Turkey. We produce high end shoes, handbags, belts, small leather goods, documents bags/ messenger bags beside our high end denim and out fit productions.


1. I found everyone through going to Premiere Vision. It was the best trip I did and you only really need to go once to get your contacts. Most places will do small orders. Textiles Forums are also a great event to go to. The fabric place I use the most is Solsissbucol.

Apsara Silks (sent direct from the manufacturer)
Apsara Silks is a leading Silk Mill in India
Here we are capable of digitally printing on any Silk/ Wool & blends and can give you up to 16 Million colours a meter with no restriction on pattern sizes and shapes. Our In-house designing team is capable to deliver you sampling yardages in as less as four days.
We also manufacture high quality printed scarves

Packaging etc

1.Adastra Labels

Printers who specialise in labels, carrier bags, packaging etc for fashion designers.

2. Woven Labels Uk

UK based Label manufacturers.


  1. Charlotte, you should get some kind of kickback. This list is a goldmine. You just saved me a huge amount of time.

  2. everything i tried to find in the past few months by googling day after day, i just found right now. couldnt be more thankful!!! love your stuff too!! x

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