Sunday, 24 March 2013

A Week in CT #2

... with.... Charlotte Taylor!

Peacock print quilted jacket - online tomorrow

Name: Charlotte Taylor

Job title:  
Creative Director and owner of Charlotte Taylor LTD
What's the best bit about your job? 
Hmm so many things. Probably when people just love the product as much as I do ­ its so rewarding and reassuring too!! I love being creative and when you
have a clothes label this filters through into so many different aspects, not just designing the clothes. Its about thinking outside the box and I love that
Favourite London haunts? 
Battersea car boot sale ­ does that count?!?!?
What's on your iPod right now? 
 Celine Dion ­ haha! Don¹t judge me!

If you had a pet penguin, what would you call it? 
Ooooh that¹s a  hard one...Something random like Dave probably but id have to think about it for weeks....
Summer holidays?
Morocco surfing = heaven

 What are you up to this weekend?
On my own at my parents house have some time out to design new line we are
Who's your favourite person to follow on Twitter/Instagram?
Hannah Rochelle is funny on twitter from the Times Fashion pages. She has a very dry sense of humour ­ makes me laugh.
 What's on your wishlist right now?
Some sun!!!!
And finally, which is your favourite piece from the CT SS13 collection?
I love the tulle dress and the zebra mini -­ cheating I know!

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