Thursday, 28 March 2013


One of the main techniques I fell in love with in India was their hand and
machine quilting. This technique can mainly be seen on home furnishings like
bedspreads and cushions, but also on clothing.

The quilting is either done by hand or machine, giving completely different
effects. I was in Rajasthan and we visited a number of factories and towns who
specialised in the technique. I am not aware of whether this is a national
technique but it is very apparent in Rajasthan. My mum even bought 3 of the
enormous hand quilted throws for her house!

For SS13 we took our idea to an Indian factory in Mumbai to perfect the
technique in the country that it originated from. We were working on two
pieces. The quilted dress and quilted bomber jacket. The jacket has quilting
in between the cotton self and lining to give it structure, but the dress
just has the quilting stitch for design purposes. Both have been so
successful and we all love them!

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