Monday, 4 January 2010

Audience Participation

An Ode to Anna - who has voluntarily papped grannies and showered me with penguin memorabilia over the last few months...a true friend and an unwavering supporter.

18/12/09 - Sent via text "Just been doing some granny stalking for you..."

28/12/09 - Hand delivered birthday card...all together now...ahhhhhhhhh

28/12/09 - Hand delivered birthday presents. Penguin hot water bottle for chilly nights on the island and Penguin book for night time reading.

31/12/09 - Hand delivered post card of disheveled granny.

01/01/10 - Meet Anna (I think she might squirt me with her pepper spray for this..) on her first day at school in our fetching uniform (minus boater)...I absolutely ADORE this photo and the girl in it. I think she had just about grown into the jumper and blazer by the time we left school 7 years later.

There has been an overwhelming response to the story behind the collection. Penguins and Grannies seem to hold a special place in many peoples' hearts. So if you see a Granny or a Penguin, take a snap and email me, I would love to see! xx


  1. Hey Charlotte - keep up the good work, it's making a really interesting read!

    These, alas, are not my own snaps, but thought they may float your granny boat!!

    Happy new year, love Popdock