Friday, 8 January 2010

Fancy Fashion Foot Forward

Confirmation from Vauxhall Fashion Scout

I have officially been selected to show my collection through their exhibition in London Fashion Week! your friends!!!

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The exhibition runs from 20th-23rd February 2010 and will be set in the grand surroundings of the Freemasons' Hall.

To take part in the exhibition it costs each label £1200 + vat

The fee for the exhibition includes:
-Venue costs
-Individual space of 4 sq metres
-1 x 6 foot rail, 1 x 3-4 foot rail
-1 x plinth
-1 x stool
-Vinyl signage of designer/ label name
-Lighting system
-Sales manager and staff
-Event co-ordination and management
-Listing in Vauxhall Fashion Scout brochure
-Marketing and promotion to leading buyers and media

So all very exciting and VERY real. It's a huge reality check for me at this point. The stage i'm in at the moment is the easy part; stage two is actually selling the collection and that's no walk in the park. People have told me not to be disappointed if I don't sell in the first season (most labels don't apparently). Scary. However with my designing flair and Mr Mentorvator Brian on board we have a killer combo.
London Fashion Week LOOK OUT!

If you would like to come to the exhibition then please email me at:
Please state where you're from and whether you would like to organise a private meeting to discuss the collection in more detail.
I will put further information on here nearer the time.


  1. If I were in london I would KILL for a press pass or even just tickets to this.
    Congratulations! I'm positive you will make a very good impression on the world!


  2. Congratulations!! how exciting!!! im very excited to see the collection :D

  3. Well done! And now the madness really kicks in..

    G'luck with everything.

  4. congratulations and good luck and great energy for the months to come!!

  5. wow congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Is st. Martins as good as it seems, im 16 and st.martins is my dream uni to go to :)

    Again well done with LFW thats amazing

    good luck in the future :)


  6. congratulations! I would love to see the exhibition.

  7. Congratulations thats brilliant news!

  8. Wow congratulations! All your hard work is really paying off isn't it?! So excited for you!

  9. Wow! Big congrats Ms. Taylor!!! We all knew you'd ace 'em :) Oh for a spot to see the show live...sigh. Damn my American ways!

  10. OMG that is amazing.Congratulations