Wednesday, 27 January 2010

One stop sweat shop

Stamp licking, cold calling, home-made soup, 10 cups of tea and The XX

I may not pay the minimum wage likening myself to the foreign sweat shops...HOWEVER unlike many establishments CHARLOTTE TAYLOR helpers get:
-Fresh home-made chicken and barley soup (courtesy of pop) Yum with a capital Y.
-Limitless tea (new fave is green tea with pear...Divine)
-Warm, cozy working environment with eclectic selection of music (sometimes..)
-Sweets and chocolate (bribery = great)
-Animal magic (a cat and dog who both think they are human and seem to actually talk...maybe this is just me)

Invitations GO

Time to get all the invitations assembled and sent out. With a little help from my friends we:
-Compile the final list of buyers and press to invite
-Double check contacts are correct through the internet and calling shops/ magazines etc
-Design invite (I have a printed and an emailed version)
-Prepare package to send, including extras etc
-Stamp and post

As a large part of my invites are hand written I have spent a serious amount of time amongst heaps of paper with pen in hand. I am not one to write to people signing my own name but getting someone else to actually write it... At this stage I think the more personal the better.

Hence I have what feels like tennis elbow as a result and am also seeing double...good job i'm not sewing this evening then...

A MASSIVE thank-you to everyone who has helped me. I LOVE you.

BTW I did not make my friend sit on the floor, she is quote "a floor person"...Good. That's settled then..


  1. Exciting!!
    Tea makes everyone work...and the magic animals... i so know what you mean!! lol
    Good luck!

  2. hey i emailed you about getting a ticket are they all out

  3. You're almost there! Yay for XX!

  4. there better be some soup left by the time we get down there next weekend...

    cant wait to see you hot stuff.

    love you xx

  5. Endless amounts of tea..perfect!

  6. aw dedication indeed... good luck with the show! xx

  7. if you fed me and gave me tea i'm pretty sure would work for free. maybe pay to work.....

  8. I want hot soup. I hope you did not miss Service