Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Many hands make light work...

A couple of great girls lend a helping hand in building the Empire

Philipa and Hattie both came over from Bournemouth Art College for two days just before Christmas to help me out. Awesome.

Philipa specializes in Fashion Design and helped me with sampling and fabric sourcing. Philipa was very grounded with a great work ethic. I asked her to write a paragraph about her experience with me (underneath).

"Well it's not the average work experience placement' we joked as we sat in the living room watching some telly with Itsy the cat perched on my lap! It was an enjoyable couple of days in Charlotte's cozy studio, with chocolate eclairs on hand to keep us going! We worked on a couple of sample garments, cutting and sewing, and I also did a bit of fabric swatch sourcing on the internet. Names of nice, helpful fabric retailers noted! It was really good to have a peek inside the beginnings of Charlotte Taylor Ltd. I'm really excited by the ideas and quirky inspirations for the collection, I can't wait to see it in all its glory in just a number of weeks' time!"

Hattie specializes more in graphics and helped me more with marketing ideas - printed matter, research etc. She was great, very proactive and keen.

Hattie said that she "Loved seeing all these things i had been reading about on your blog in the flesh. It was a great experience for me and I learnt so much so thanks for your patience and answering all my questions; giving me an insight into yourself and the industry. Your studio is lovely and was such a pleasure spending the couple of days there along with your impressive collection of Tea and generous amount of sweets!"

MASSIVE thank-you to you guys. You were both great!

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