Sunday, 31 January 2010

Hiccups and Haberdasheries

How can you be prepared for the unexpected...?

There are only so many scenarios you can prepare for with things going wrong. Backing up your options is of course key and that came fully into play this weekend when things went a little bit Pete Tong in the CHARLOTTE TAYLOR camp.

Unfortunately I was let down by one of my team (basically promising things and not delivering, putting me slightly behind an already stretched schedule). Although I was initially annoyed, the overriding emotion is that of disappointment. I think because I am still so early on in the development of the business, everything feels so incredibly personal.

Of course it is not personal and have now told myself to get over it and get on with it.

Fortunately I was with my pop at this time who over analyzes things to the ridiculous extreme, it made the whole event feel very unimportant.

We had a giggle anyway as we made our way into town. He to the phone shop on strict orders from the 'boss' (mum), for the 4th time that week to fix her hands free kit and I to my saving grace (thank the lord it's here) shop, Hellersleas. The haberdashery.

Although their stock mainly consists of last years' Bestival themed fabric selection (50% off) and next years themed fabric (prime spot in the window), they have quite a few essential sewing bits and bobs to bail me out when orders don't arrive etc...

So i'm guessing the lesson in my weekend has been. Always be prepared. Suppliers, manufacturers and colleagues can let you down. No one is as in to the CHARLOTTE TAYLOR brand at this moment in time as I am. Understand that Charlotte and always have a back-up plan.


  1. another lesson perhaps: "SH!T HAPPENS" ? or not, as in this case. You cannot back everything up anyhoo. Looks like it will be another late night in the lab for Dr. T, suck it up baby,


    Spinning straw into gold has never been easy CT, but a little more sweat and tears and you can sprinkle some magic, I know you can. Keep it up, angel.x

  2. If you would be "prepared for the unexpected", you wouldn't be a cheerrfull, optimistic Charllote, you would be someone else and we wouldn't love you as much.
    Good luck!!!


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