Sunday, 17 January 2010

What is the key to Pr...?

GETTING A HOOK - What is interesting about your brand and what you are doing?

1. How to write and send a press release

- Make sure the first paragraph grabs you straight away
- What makes you unique
- Key details (Price, stockist, materials)
- Concise and to the point, cut out the fluff, give them the facts and the journalist will add the spice.
- Send it in the body of an email, so easy to read.
- Send any images in the body of an email
- Keep the email under 2MG

2. How to target journalists and publications relevant to your target customer

- Focus on what the publication is showing or likely to show
- How can you relate your brand to it? e.g Alice in Wonderland is coming out soon, publications are gearing up to do stories around the film. Can your clothes be incorporated in this story?
- Create lists of publications and journalists
- Target journalists who are at a relative position in the company as you are. i.e as they grow within the publication they will take you with them.
- If you have a big story try to get exclusivity from your number one publication.
- Know what your lead- times. Monthly magazines = 3 month lead-time. Weekly newspaper = 1 month. e. Vogue are currently working on their April issue.

3. Appointing PR agencies

- Make sure you have your business in line first (so you have the funds etc to pay)
- Do your research about the agencies (What have they done in the fashion business? Do they deal with brand similar to yours?)
- Meet with the PR agent. You need to get on with them as they will effectively be another member of your team.
- A lot of people with approach you for free PR in order to break into the Fashion industry / sector. Do not discount these but be weary as they might not have the contacts you need. Expect everything from them as you would from an agent who you paid, they are doing it for a reason.
- Most PR agencies work on a monthly retainer. (What you pay them/ month. £200 - £1000/ month) Make sure you know what's included when you sign (i.e monthly report, are couriers, expenses, press days included? )

4. Celebrity endorsement

- As soon as something is worn by a celebrity email it around attaching quotes and images

5. Advice on sample send-outs

- When sending out clothing for photo shoots make sure you know who you are sending it to. There are people who try to con you to get free clothes etc. If you are un-sure ask for a commissioning letter, which should be on headed paper and thoroughly check the details.
- Label each item of clothing with contact and all the details.
- Take a photograph of it before it leaves to keep tabs on its condition. If it comes back damaged you can invoice them for it but be weary as to keep important journalists on side.


  1. hey charlotte, when are you going to get back to the people who applied to work with you in feb? ..))

  2. I will let everyone know via email this week. Thanks to everyone who applied! Charlotte xx

  3. these are great tips, well wishes to you!