Friday, 29 January 2010

Teapots and Cakestands: an island adventure

As the planet prepares to be taken over by Alice in Wonderland I host my own warped tea party on the and pets welcome

I began this morning running, driving, being blown over by island gusts and eventually made it back to the sewing machine about 11am with a new helper, Emma in tow. Crazy, fun times. Emma is hopefully going to be working with me once a week or so and have suggested she write a piece for the blog everytime she does, being a Fashion Journalism student and watch this space.

This afternoon I was greeted by 2 of my very excitable, tail wagging, charity shop loving friends fully loaded with Isle of Wight porcelain memorabilia...aka 2nd hand granny tea sets. These are intended to be used at the exhibition so that tea is on hand at all times for those who want..

The studio later on turned into a hair salon as my pal came over to cut our hair. Lovely.
At CHARLOTTE TAYLOR you get hair cuts. No pay cheque. Haircuts.


  1. It seems like a great place to work, hehe

  2. I would totally work for haircuts and cups of tea. Brill deal x

  3. Haircuts sounds like a pretty awesome pay!
    Looks like you're doing very well :)