Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Master plan master class

A million lists and plans could not prepare me for carnage of the next month

I will soon be turning into my own inspiration if I carry on collecting grey hairs at this rate...(and maybe walking around with stuffed birds on my head too...actually I do that already)

Today epitomizes the everyday multi-tasking that goes into setting up a business. Here is my list for today and yesterday. This expands into daily, weekly and monthly lists and plans and still I feel confused...

- Chase up printed fabric (Done - It arrives tomorrow. Excited!)
- Chase up extra zips (Done - They arrive tomorrow)
- Register Trademark (Done)
- Email VFS with contracts and questions about the exhibition (Done)
- Advertise for work experience on blog (Done - and thank-you very much to all those who emailed me. I will get back to you shortly. Promise)
- Invitations to the show. Design and get quotes from printers. (Quotes Done, design almost)
- Design and order clothes labels (Done. They take 7-10 days for samples then a further 7-10 days for completion. I am paying £145 for 500 labels)
- Sort out photo shoot for look book. Organise a team, concept and time-scale. (Half way there)

Most of this was done yesterday as I was due to go up to London today to pick up some fabric that could not get delivered because of the snow and also to attend a VFS Salon on PR.

Unfortunately after 3hours at Portsmouth Harbour Train station this morning waiting for a train I turned back and called up my close friends to dish out some serious delegation.

My bro and best mate happily stepped in and attended the Salon for me. They have recorded the whole thing so I will be able to share their notes with you too. BIG thanks to those guys. I owe ya.

So back on the Island I round up some buddies (first people I have seen in 10 days...I chew their ears off with mundane chat) to drive me in a van to collect an overlocker which I am renting for 5 weeks for £50. Jeez they're heavy but jeez they're great.

I finish up the day writing a couple of emails and then back in the studio to finish sewing a garment.

Phew. Is it bed time yet...?


  1. Hi...Charlotte.
    Could you describe how to Registered Trademark?
    How much for all of these?
    Thank you so much.


  2. Go to and follow the instructions on there. There is a PDF guidebook you can prnt out...Charlotte xx